Diddy back with JLo? Parties with chicks in St. Tropez

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A seemingly bogus report that Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were getting back together seems even less likely now—since Puffy was seen macking on chicks in St. Tropez! If he did have something going on with JLo, he pretty much just blew it.
“Diddy hit the shores of the French Riviera earlier in the day, then made his way to the beach club, where women were seen flocking toward him,” Perez Hilton reports. While it is pretty hard to believe that JLo and Puff were rekindling their romance, it is very obvious that Puff likes to have fun—and he likes his girls!

It would be a terrible idea for Diddy and JLo to get back together because he really seems to enjoy his “single” life. Lopez does not need a “player” in her life, and while her relationship with him may have once been a good thing, it’s obvious now that she is a different person—and a mother—and she needs someone dependable and mature. There is nothing wrong with what Diddy was doing in St. Tropez, just as long as he stays away from JLo!

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