Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Gets Full-Ride Scholarship at UCLA

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Diddy’s son Justin Combs has received a college scholarship to UCLA that apparently has frustrated a lot of people. His athletic scholarship is valued at $54,000 and is given out to athletes regardless of their financial backgrounds. Now the debate has begun about whether he should pass on the scholarship so that someone else can have it.

According to ESPN, approximately 285 full athletic scholarships are given out to outstanding student-athletes every year at the school. This covers tuition, fees, and room and board for the student while they attend UCLA.

During his time at Iona Prep, Combs was a three-star recruit that ended up going to UCLA over several other interested colleges. He is a cornerback that could end up becoming one of the starters for the Bruins and could likely bring a lot of money to the school if he can find a lot of success.

Now there is the easy counter-argument to the claims by some that Combs should not accept the scholarship. Those people apparently feel that Combs should not earn his own way and that his parents should have to pay for his extended education. That seems a bit ridiculous, though, because many students that attend college want to pay their own way without accepting help from their parents.

Do you think that Justin Combs should by-pass the scholarship getting offered by the UCLA Bruins? Or do you feel that people should mind their own business and that Combs has done enough to earn the scholarship on his own and should not have to rely upon Diddy for financial support?

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