Diet Soda and Heart Attacks Linked in New Study: Are You at Risk?

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Diet soda and heart attacks have been linked in a new study. While researchers did not go so far as to say that daily consumption of the sugarless beverage caused heart problems, they did note the connection.

Diet Soda and Heart Attacks Linked in New Study: Are You at Risk?The study was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, and it found that adults who drink diet soda daily have a 44 percent increased risk of heart attack, and that is significant. Even so, the study did not prove that the sugar-free drink was the cause of the increased heart attack risk.

Lead researcher Hannah Gardener said, “What we saw was an association. These people may tend to have more unhealthy habits. I don’t think people should change their behavior based on this study.”

Even so, Gardener wants more research on this issue to figure out why diet soda drinkers have an increased heart attack risk. She thinks it could have been because of other lifestyle reasons, but she does not know for sure.

Do you drink diet drinks every day? Have you had a heart attack? Has somebody you know had a heart attack? Would this increased risk cause you to stop drinking sugar-free soda?

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