Diet Soda Drains Calcium Stores in Healthy Women

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A study presented by Dr. Noelle Larson at the Endocrine Society in June alerted clinicians and researchers to a potentially alarming fact:  otherwise healthy women who drink diet soda excrete more calcium and phosphorus than a control group of healthy women who steer clear of the diet drinks.

The study is one of many recent studies to warn against excessive consumption of diet drinks, with others cautioning against the exposure to artificial sweeteners as well.

This should come as a concern to moms for many reasons.  I know that while I frequently opt to skip my favorite Starbucks concoction due to financial or time constraints, I rarely, if ever, miss the little caffeine pick-me-up provided by my personal favorite, Diet Pepsi.  I know I’m not alone in this, too, since I’ve seen more than enough diet coke cans plaguing the likes of our local playground, neighborhood pool and Gymboree class.

Since I’ve no plans to give up diet beverages entirely, what else can be done to mitigate the detrimental effects of diet drinks on a woman’s calcium stores?  A good start is with an over-the-counter calcium supplement, which can help to ward off the bone density loss that can lead to osteoporosis, particularly in susceptible women.  Another good idea is to consume diet beverages in moderation, and add in calcium-rich beverages where possible, particularly milk.

For more on the Endocrine Society, click here.

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