Different Expectations

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Different Expectations

To wit – to whom – to wherever sent -

my love is all gone – it has all been spent

and here I was thinking I had aught to spare;

enough of it still awaiting us there

I dug in deep and reached for that too;

I wanted it all to give to you

I’d gathered it all – I had it – no lack

I grabbed at the brass ring – held nothing back

I bundled it – packaged it – tied it up nice

I got on one knee and picked up the dice

I “shot for the moon” and bravely played all

with nary a thought that I’d slip or fall

My love’s all I have; my own cherished lot

I’ve saved it forever – and here’s what I’ve got

I knelt down before you – placed love at your feet

a foregone conclusion – approval I’d meet

My angst came upon me – you told me “You’re sweet!”

“I value your friendship” brought chill to my heat

“You’re just like a brother!” – the last coffin nail

the kiss on my cheek was the end of our tale

I bet “all or nothing” – what more can I say?

placed all bets on “red” and you turned me away

now I’m sitting here lonely with my emptiness

and the fading pink blush of our one parting kiss


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