Digestion in the Park….Mindful Poetry Contest 2010…4/26/10…Sestina

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***Note: This is written using prompt words given by Susan Budig for the poetry contest (and is also my first sestina)…apologies if it is a bit unusual :) ***


A disturbing fullness envelopes me, caused, no doubt, by the flummery

Perhaps if I rest a bit, the thick concoction will finally digest

Deep respirations…I will not get sick…breathing and resting is the key

I must ignore the fact that my face is becoming a dark shade of crimson

I must pretend that I am feeling fine as I stroll through Central park

I must give my all in reading to those who have come to gather


Try as I might, I am unable to pretend to those who gather

I will never eat such a vile concoction again, forget flummery

Such a beautiful  day to spend reading and relaxing in the park

But I am miserable!  Here I sit, waiting for my breakfast to digest

Hoping that no one notices the color in my face, bright crimson

The Mayor is here, Poem in your Pocket day, he carries a key


Yet, here I am, unsettled.  What if he wants to give me the key?

He doesn’t come here very much, it’s nice to see him gather

Beside those of us who live nearby and come daily. Am I still crimson?

We are so different. I wonder if the Mayor  has ever eaten flummery?

If he ever does eat it, he will learn fast that it’s hard to digest

He will also learn that it isn’t good to eat it before going to the park


This dastardly gruel is ruining my poetry reading in the park

A kind lady I know told me that using baking soda is the key

To getting my low cost breakfast to ,finally, happily digest

The problem is, I don’t have any baking soda here where we gather

I feel a difficult situation within my stomach, undigested flummery

Swirling in circles but going nowhere, causing my face to blush crimson


I’m afraid my face is now shaded green  turning  crimson

 I should not have come to Poem in my Pocket day at the park

After eating a breakfast of thick, homemade flummery

Good nutrition, they say, and eating natural  is the key

Flummery is as natural as being a part of those who gather

Natural, yes, but it’s not made to be easy to digest!


I suggest something better, pudding is easy to digest

Pomegranates too, and they come in a pretty color, crimson

Whatever you eat, just remember, if you are planning to gather

Together with others on a beautiful day in Central park

To make your outing stress free, low flatulence is the key

If there is one thing that is not low in flatulence, it’s flummery


When you prepare to gather, think about what will digest

Easily, don’t eat flummery. It will make you crimson

Take a picnic lunch to the park, enjoying digestion is the key


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