Dill Death Do Us Part

Have you ever grown an herb, only to later wonder what to do with it?  Such is the case with me and dill.  Dill is a pretty easy herb to tend to, so I figured it made sense for a novice gardener like me to find a spot on my windowsill for it.  I had gone through the same thought process with basil, and had no problem figuring out how to make use of it.  Seemingly every meal is enhanced by fresh basil: pasta, pizza, salad, omelets.  But dill on a pizza just doesn’t seem right.  Dill, dill everywhere and not a sprig to eat!  What is a girl to do?

The answer:  A little due dilligence.  A light search through some of my favorite cookbooks revealed that dill is actually a super star herb during the summer months.  For example, the herb in question is a dillicious ingredient in dips.  Over the summer, once the kids are in bed, my husband and I like to pour a glass of wine, break out some pita chips or crackers and try a new dip or hummus recipe I’ve found.  We’ll head out to the deck and enjoy the warm night air (and swat away some bugs).  Can’t wait to try some creamy dill dip!

I also discovered that dill tastes great in tuna salad, a go-to meal I commonly prepare during the summer months.  It just so happens that dill sauce is a perfect complement to salmon, another summer favorite.  Who doesn’t love salmon cooked on the grill on a hot summer night?  The funny thing is that I never know what to do with my salmon to add flavor other than sprinkling it with a little salt and pepper.  How dillightful that the answer my quandary is planted right over the kitchen sink.  And dill’s takeover of summer food doesn’t end there.  I found recipes for potato salad with dill, crispy summer salads with dill and cold pasta salads with, you guessed it, dill!

So I guess dill isn’t so impossible to make use of after all.  And with warmer weather just around the corner, I’m sure that I’ll find more and more ways to incorporate this herb into my cooking.  Corn on the cob with dill butter sauce anyone?


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