Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan at Odds Again; Is It Over Dear Old Dad Micheal Lohan?

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Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan are reportedly at odds again! Will this family ever settle down or is dysfunction just their “new normal”?

TMZ reported that Dina(mom) is pushing LiLo to get a restraining order or protection order against her father, Michael. Seem strange? It really is not all that bizarre since the trio have been feuding for years. In what may be the most dysfunctional family in Hollywood—this is downright sad.

Lindsay Lohan has been publicly falling apart and her parents seem to be right on her heels—so to speak. Both parents have been known to struggle with addiction, something Lindsay inherited likely from them.

Michael Lohan told TMZ,

“I suppose Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her!”

Whether Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan are getting along is really unknown. The pair where physically fighting last week—then made up and Lindsay even called her mom her best friend. Unfortunately, LiLo threw in some cocaine accusations about Dina and Michael Lohan was called.

Do you think Michael Lohan is the culprit here? Why can the parents not get their acts together and take care of their daughter who visibly falling apart?

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