Dina Lohan Appears on the “Today Show” Claims Lindsay Will Leave Rehab Early (video)

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Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina made an appearance on the “Today Show” this morning. While talking to Matt Lauer, Dina further proved just how out of touch she is when it comes to Lindsay’s drug problem.

Dina is in Denial

Dina claims that Lindsay was “hardballed” by her Judge. Dina says that Lindsay should not have had to serve any jail time for violating her probation. Apparently, Dina believes that missing court ordered alcohol classes is somehow NOT a violation of probation. She said, “She violated… Actually didn’t violate… She was not supposed to be… She was in for just missing a couple of classes that she made up and she was working at the time. So the judge went overboard and put her in serious lockdown for two weeks.” Serious lockdown? Lindsay was given her own cell, but it wasn’t exactly a “serious lockdown”.

Dina also seems fuzzy about her daughter’s trips to rehab. Matt Lauer stated that his research had said that this was Lindsay’s fourth trip to rehab. Dina immediately corrected him saying that Lindsay had only been to rehab twice. When Matt questioned Dina, she responded, “I don’t know where you’re reading…”

Here’s where Matt is reading, Dina… Lindsay in fact, has been in quite a few rehabs. Lindsay’s first trip to rehab was a 30-day stay in the Wonderland Center from January to February of 2007. In July 2007, Lindsay entered Promises rehab after being charged with a DUI and possession of cocaine. In October 2007, Lindsay checked out of the Cirque Lodge, a rehab center in Utah. In July 2010, Lindsay checked into Pickford Lofts, an inpatient sober living house. Now Lindsay currently sits in a rehab center at UCLA serving a court ordered 90-day stay.

Dina doesn’t think that Lindsay needs 90 days and claims that she will be released early. She told Matt that she won’t speak for the attorneys, but Lindsay will be released soon.

While Lindsay is in rehab, mom Dina Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan were spotted heading out of Lindsay's home to visit a nail salon and a dentist office this afternoon in West Hollywood, CA on August 4, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc Dina is the Lindsay’s Biggest Problem

It seems that Dina is not only in denial, but she’s enabling her daughter. Dina needs to be put into an inpatient facility as well. Either she is a chronic liar, or she’s completely lost her mind. The problem with this situation is that Lindsay will be the one to pay the price. She will never be able to kick her addictions if people around her insist that she doesn’t have a problem. What Dina is doing should be criminal. She needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and see that she’s really only pushing Lindsay for her own selfish reasons.







Click the video below to watch Dina Lohan on the “Today Show”.

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