Dina Lohan blames judge, says Lindsay has “grown up”

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Despite Lindsay Lohan’s parents’ constant talk-to-the-media attitudes, Lohan still finds herself troubled and in rehab. Her father, Michael Lohan, has gone so far as to call the police on his own daughter, while mom Dina seems to live in a fantasy world, telling everyone that her daughter is more than fine. So what now?

Dina has taken it upon herself to blab to the Today Show about how “fine” LiLo really is … AND that she blames all this nonsense of jail time and rehab on Judge Marsha Revel.

In her interview with Matt Lauer, Dina says, “I’m not condoning drinking and driving, but she’s still paying the price for what she did in 2007. She’s changed. She’s grown up considerably” (via PEOPLE). That’s lovely news, but it doesn’t mean that LiLo shouldn’t be punished for violating her probation, does it? Seeing as most people think Lindsay is getting off easy, it’s silly to think that people would actually While Lindsay is in rehab, mom Dina Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan were spotted heading out of Lindsay's home to visit a nail salon and a dentist office this afternoon in West Hollywood, CA on August 4, 2010. Fame Pictures, Incagree with Dina.

Dina continues, appearing agitated, to blame Judge Revel (who has left the case) for the “harsh” punishment, often saying that the Judge went “over board” with LiLo’s sentencing.

It may be time for Dina and Michael to stop talking and start doing. Although Dina was talking earlier, she is saying that she is taking Lindsay to live with her in New York (PEOPLE). We shall see if Lindsay complies – and if Dina gives her a choice.

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