Dina Lohan: Lindsay’s “Lifelong Struggle with Addiction” Has Began

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Dina Lohan says Lindsay’s addiction will be a “lifelong” struggle. Dina was hopeful that Lindsay has reached a point in her life where she will be “OK” now. Lohan is certainly part of the minority group when it comes to people who believe Lindsay Lohan is finally headed down the right path.

In Friday’s interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Dina Lohan said, “Betty Ford was life changing for all of us. I mean, I’ve put her in a couple of rehabs over the years, and, you know, it’s not about the rehab, it’s about where she is personally in her sobriety and her growth. She’s matured considerably.”

Earlier, Dina had done a separate interview with 20/20Â’s Chris Cuomo and discussed what she called Lindsay’s “lifelong struggle with addiction,” Dina said, “I think sheÂ’s gonna be OK. SheÂ’s a young girl struggling. You know, sheÂ’s not perfect. Â… SheÂ’s learning as she goes, but sheÂ’s learning under a microscope, so I canÂ’t even imagine how that is.”

Finally, it seems like Dina Lohan is seeing the facts about Lindsay’s addiction problem. Yes, it will be a “lifelong struggle” but the fact that she’s finally doing somewhat well is a good thing, right?

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Dina Lohan: Lindsay’s “Lifelong Struggle with Addiction” Has Began

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