‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ Recap ‘Dynamic Dishes’ on Food Network

“Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” more familiarly known as “Triple D,” is hosted by Guy Fieri, who will eat almost anything in front of the camera. This chef and restaurant owner has been around Food Network forever and loves to travel North America to bring us to places he loves.

On this episode he visited Honolulu, Hawaii, Arlington, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada to find some great eats.

In Honolulu he visited Jawaiian Irie Jerk Restaurant to taste Jamaican food with a Hawaiian flair and meet up with Caswell “Cassie” Simmonds, the owner and chef of this island eatery. Guy got to sample curried goat, and got to help make jerk seasoned chicken wings. Guy got brave and tasted the hot mixture referred to by Cassie as “fire in your wire” as it was added into the blender and turned as red as the shirt he was wearing and almost had steam coming from his ears. When the marinade was done, it coated the wings that will marinade overnight.

Cassie explained that there are several nationalities in the West Indies and flavors have blended over the years along with the population giving a melting pot of Caribbean cuisine. As Guy tasted the curried goat, he was in awe of the flavor and delighted he traveled to Hawaii for a taste of the Caribbean.

In Arlington, Texas Guy visited Taste of Europe, for Eastern European comfort food. The husband and wife team owners are Irina Pavlova the executive chef and Mikhail Frumkin. Together they run this store and restaurant with authentic food from their home in Belarus. Favorites like potato pancakes containing a thin layer of ground meat inside, Hungarian goulash and a taste of home to many who long for the taste of their ancestry.

In Las Vegas, Guy visited a joint across from his alma mater, UNLV called Yayo Taco that was not there when Guy went to school. There he met with Cho Yiu, the Chinese chef and owner who has a rocking hairdo that is as funky as Guy’s. Here he makes tacos with a flair for adventure. He put everything but the kitchen sink into his molay sauce and another dry spice conglomeration as a rub for his drunken chicken that marinates in whiskey after getting a rub down with the dry spices. His tacos are exotic and when Guy tasted the Shanghai Taco and witnessed all the work that went into it, he was amazed.

Foodie fans just love Guy and “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and wonder where he will turn up next?

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