Dinesh D’Souza’s Documentary ‘2016: Obama’s America’ Strikes Gold this Weekend

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Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” has brought in 6.3 million dollars at the box office this weekend, surprising and irritating some commentators, many of whom have dubbed the film as “Anti-Obama.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film is officially “the top conservative documentary of all time.” Not too shabby for a film whose main advertising was done on AM radio and word of mouth. As could be predicted, the reviews are not exactly charitable, despite the clearly painstaking attention to detail and lack of judgement in the film. The criticism is vague and unsubstantiated.

Based on D’Souza’s New York Times bestselling book, “The Roots Of Obama’s Rage,” the documentary explores Obama’s mentors and traces his life from childhood, focusing on the influence of the president’s absentee father, who died in a car accident in 1982.

The LA Times reports that when the film took in $2.4 million when it debuted in Houston and “expanded from 169 theaters to 1,091 locations this weekend. In total, the film has sold $9.1 million worth of tickets.” This, despite the fact that several reports state that the film has been “hidden” from the public. The Examiner, for example, reports:

…many people who want to see the movie are having a very difficult time finding where and when it’s playing in their area. Reportedly one of the most popular sources for movies, “Yahoo! Movies,” didn’t have the movie listed in its database as well as many other online sources available to movie-goers.

This is not surprising, as many academics and journalists share the same anti-colonialist view as the President. This movie, to them, is offensive because it exposes that view for what it is: flawed.


If this movie could be summed up in one word, it would be “anti-colonialism,” which could be used interchangeably for “anti-imperialism”. The word evokes a strong emotional response in many who believe that rich countries rape poor countries of their resources and leave them in poverty, while only getting richer themselves. For those with this worldview, the only “justice” is for rich countries to give to the poor countries; contradicting the American ideal of promoting prosperity of all countries.

The “eat the rich” mentality displayed loudly in the Occupy Movement also pushes this view and fits hand in hand with anti-colonialism, as if taking the money from successful producers is somehow going to solve poverty.

Thomas Howell explains,

“Whatever its factual weaknesses, it is an emotionally powerful vision [anti-colonialism], to which many people have dedicated their lives, and for which some have even risked their lives. Some of these people appear in this documentary movie, as they have appeared throughout the formative phases of Barack Obama’s life.”

Although the film has been deemed “anti-Obama” by such sources as the Huffington Post, the Hollywood Reporter, the Wall Street Journal, and ABC News, the documentary presents more as a matter-of-fact probe into Obama’s early years, and shows that the influential people in Obama’s life are all of the anti-colonialist world-view.

With this anti-colonialist vision in mind, one that is taught (hammered) in universities today, D’Souza shows that some of the seemingly perplexing decisions made by the president, eg, the “apology tour,” and the return of the bust of Winston Churchill, make perfect sense.

This mentality of anti-colonialism also explains Obama’s promotion of drilling for oil in other countries, while issuing an oil moratorium in the United States. Interestingly, many of the documents related to the oil moratorium are still in dispute. Instead of building upon the greatness of America, Obama’s goal is to level the playing field, or “spread the wealth”.

During a recent interview with Laura Ingraham, Dinesh D’Souza explains:

I think that Obama actually has a very different goal for America than we often think. He wants to redistribute money away from America and toward the rest of the world. He wants to block oil drilling over here but promote it in other countries. He wants America to have a smaller footprint in the world and specifically in the Middle East.

Ultimately, the documentary paints a picture of the president as one who has been heavily influenced by an anti-colonialist mentality that has been pervasive throughout his life.

Watch the trailer here:

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