DirecTV Provides Much Needed Reprieve for “Damages”

DirecTV has provided the legal thriller “Damages” with a reprieve after three low-rated seasons on the FX network.

The series was not expected to be renewed by FX, although it has won numerous awards including “a Golden Globe award, four Emmys, and five very recent Emmy nominations.”

According to the Journal Gazette, “DirecTV and Sony Pictures Television announced Monday that the drama series will return for 20 episodes spanning two more seasons. Emmy-winners Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and other stars will return for the new episodes. They will be produced early next year and air exclusively on DirecTV’s satellite service.”

DirecTV also will have the rights to air the previous three seasons worth of reruns of “Damages” as well. reports that DirecTV did something similar with the program “Friday Night Lights,” whereby they agreed to pay half the costs to air each season ahead of NBC. They are rescuing “Damages” solo, however, and as a result of both “savior-like” actions are getting lots of positive press.

Damages” stars Glen Close, Rose Byrne, Martin Short, Ted Danson and Lily Tomlin. Season 3 mirrored some of the world’s economic strife while engaging viewers in compelling legal thriller story lines.

Are you a fan of “Damages?” How do you feel about it being purchased by DirecTV? Will this make you consider subscribing to DirecTV?

My husband detests the cable company. He can’t fathom why we pay only about 1/3 of the cost for cable at our home in Florida as we do here in New Hampshire, for almost exactly the same  TV viewing package. He has wanted to ditch cable and sign up for DirecTV for a while now. I don’t know anyone who subscribes, so am not sure how I feel about this.

Do you have DirecTV? What do you think of it compared to cable?




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