Dirty Justin Bieber Secrets New Trending Topic on Twitter–Selena Gomez Shocked?

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Justin Bieber is the subject of so many websites, fan sites, and blogs, not to mention tweets, posts, and random comments that the Internet sometimes seems like one big shrine to the Teen Dream. It’s hardly news when a new blog dedicated to the Never Say Never star suddenly appears in cyberspace. Nevertheless, a new Justin Bieber blog has the entire Internet buzzing. In fact, it’s just become a trending topic on Twitter because it’s unlike any other JB site the web has ever seen. It even has a catchy name: Dirty Bieber Secrets.

Dirty Bieber Secrets is a new “tumblr blog” created by an obsessive–er–devoted true belieber. The way it works is simple. Justin Bieber fans are welcome to post their innermost secret desires and fantasies about Justin Bieber on the site. Their posts can be as “detailed and graphic” as they care to make them. However, therein lies the catch. Because of the often explicitly sexual nature of the comments posted on Dirty Bieber Secrets, the site is open to beliebers over the age of 18 only. Sorry, girls, no exceptions.

The age requirement seems to be Dirty Bieber Secrets’ only restriction. Otherwise, anything and everything goes. Or as the blog’s introductory explanation puts it:

“Submit all your sexual secrets and fantasies. We all know that most of us beliebers get horny for Justin and want to f*** him. He’s just that irresistible. Be as descriptive as you like. Here is where you can let it all hang out. ;) Submit here!”

As of this writing, 5,638 “horny beliebers” have reportedly submitted fantasies on the site.

But what about Justin Bieber? What does the man who inspires all those fevered fantasies think of Dirty Beiber Secrets? So far, no one knows. However, the Teen Dream is definitely aware of his x-rated namesake site. It seems his friend, Alfredo Flores accidentally stumbled onto the blog and immediately sent JB the following Tweet:

“@JustinBieber WAIT until I show you what I just found… OMG just wait #DEAD -__- HINT: D. B. S.”

Will the Biebs be pleased? Or will he find the whole thing awkward? More conventional JB fan sites wonder what Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette will say about her son’s new x-rated fan site. But the most intriguing question of all is: what will Selena Gomez say when she finds out? Selena and the true beliebers have had quite a rocky relationship since she and their demigod became an official couple. Although Dirty Bieber Secrets isn’t nearly as unsettling as death threats, the Who Says? singer is sure to have a reaction to the beliebers’ latest hijinks. And it probably won’t be a happy one.

Stay tuned.

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