Disappointing movie = "Grilled" (a dvd review)

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How can two amazingly funny, highly popular actors/comedians come together in a movie and have it fail so horribly?  How can those same usually amusing men walk through such a dud without breathing a tiny bit of life into it?  Did they not read the script when they signed on?  Did they owe someone a favor?  I'm sure partly to blame for this awful movie is the lack-luster script and lame plot, but one would expect a lot more than what you get in "Grilled" from Ray Romano and Kevin James.  These two actors never failed to make me laugh in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "King of Queens."  I even remember laughing my head off while listening to their stand-up acts.  Unfortunately their humor doesn't translate to the "big" screen.  Actually, I watched it on a small screen since this pathetic excuse for a film went straight to DVD and didn't even get a chance to test its wings in the theaters.  Poor test screenings should have been a hint that this movie needed help.  Lots of help. 

The premise had the potential to be rather amusing.  Two meat salesmen struggle to find that perfect sale and in doing so get mixed up with a hit-man and his girl.  Madness and mayhem ensue.   Yet one usually finds amusement in madness and mayhem.   None was to be found in this hour and a half waste of time.

Perhaps I'm being hard on the film, because I did giggle a time or two.  I was just left wanting more and the big names couldn't lift the stinker out of the toilet.  (Supporting cast included names like Juliette Lewis, Burt Reynolds and Michael Rapaport!)

I'm sad to say that even if you like Kevin James and Ray Romano, don't bother wasting the rental charge for this film.  Perhaps if you're really bored and it's on TV one day it'll be worth viewing.  At least the commercials would break it up.

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