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I have signed a contract to publish my memoir, Growing Up in BoomTimes.  For the next several months, I’m going to be pretty busy with getting everything in line for publishing and promoting it.  I also have a challenging class schedule, since I’ve revamped my classes significantly.  The result is that I will be posting and commenting on gather more or less intermittently. 

Here is a very short excerpt from Boom Times.

Once, some buddies and I found one of the little springs coming up from the ground and feeding those ponds.  We felt as if we had discovered the headwaters of the Amazon!  We cleared away leaves for 30 or 40 feet to create a flow, and we named it Wolf Creek.  How many people get to name a body of water they’ve discovered?  We lay down on the leaves and got a cold refreshing drink of spring water. (Gad, if I’d only had some bottles, I might have started something!)  Drinking from a spring was okay; we’d learned that from movies and from TV.  It was a good thing we also had learned from TV, albeit erroneously, that people were regularly getting sucked into quicksand, never to return. It surely made us more careful when we were exploring around those ponds.

                                                                                       Chris Brockman

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