Disgrace leads to Secret Service suicide?

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Rafael Prieto, a 22-year Secret Service agent veteran, has allegedly taken his own life in the most recent Secret Service news to rock the nation this year as of Friday. The Secret Service suicide follows the Secret Service sex scandal of Cartagena, Columbia.

Prieto, who the Associated Press said was assigned to President Barack Hussein Obama, was a married father. He finally admitted the affair with a Mexican woman when confronted about it, but only after an employee told on him first. The employee thought that Prieto might be getting preferential treatment, especially since eight agents who had been involved in the Cartagena Secret Service sex scandal were forced from the federal agency, unable to keep their jobs after such activity.

US-SecretService-StarLogoRegardless of whether he should be able to receive preferential treatment due to his proximity to Pres. Obama or not, it is weird that he would choose to take his own life after admitting his affair to those in authority over him. Isn’t it?

Time reported that Prieto’s body was found on Saturday, following an investigation into whether national security could have been breached by his extramarital fling. According to them, the veteran agent was being looked at in an administrative process capacity, he was not being investigated by the Secret Service Office for Professional Responsibility.

That sounds like he wasn’t just worried about getting fired for sleeping around on his wife. Maybe there was more than a desire to flee the disgrace of being outed then, since what person kills themselves after admitting they did something wrong? Admitting to wrongdoing is usually followed with apologies, not suicide. His disregard for his wife and children didn’t affect his conscious for six years. Would the public now believe that it overcame him in a moment of great regret?

Democratic NJ Senator Bob Menendez has been accused this week of having affairs with prostitutes too, but he isn’t taking his life in the wake of it, even though it now appears that he may have frequented the country (the Dominican Republic) where the illicit sex activity was said to occur, on more than one occasion.

National security issues could be a problem with the senator as well as the Secret Service suicide agent if one considers they both have access to information the average person does not.

Disgrace can drive someone to suicide, especially if they have put forth the appearance of respectability in a religious community or among their professional peers. It isn’t clear if Obama’s secret service agent was a member of a church or not, but if he were, and would most likely be a Catholic, if in keeping with his culture’s propensity to that faith, his suicide would make him ineligible for a proper church funeral and burial, as well as entrance into heaven. And yet he allegedly took his own life anyway.

That makes it seem that something worse than death was feared by Secret Service agent Rafael Prieto. And just what could that have been?

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