Disgusted Katy Perry Hit On by Drunken Lindsay Lohan?

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On July 14, Katy Perry threw a lavish roller skating party for some friends. Inevitably, the party attracted a few gate crashers. Unfortunately, one of the uninvited jerks–er–guests was Lindsay Lohan, who, according to eyewitnesses, showed up not only uninvited but “dressed like a bag lady.” Sadly, La Lohan’s attire turned out to be the least of her faux pas that evening. The long ago Disney darling immediately proceeded to make herself even more of a persona non grata by seriously annoying the hostess. Rumor has it she followed Katy around and wouldn’t leave her alone. Was Lindsay hitting on the ex-Mrs. Russell Brand? Perhaps. Or maybe she was simply trying to raise her stock in Hollywood since, eyewitnesses say she repeatedly tried to have her photo taken with the Part of Me star. Either way, La Perry wasn’t having any. She told her security people to keep the “train wreck” away from her.

She hates to hurt people’s feelings,” explained an insider source about Katy’s behavior, “but she’s the first one to tell you she’s avoiding all ‘Debbie Downers’—and Lindsay was reek­ing of negativity. She finally took the hint and left.”

Poor Katy Perry. And poor Lindsay Lohan. It must be truly terrible to realize that practically everyone wants to avoid you like the plague. On the other hand, perhaps Lohan is operating under the hoary motto that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. If that’s true, then she accomplished her mission that night. Even though she didn’t get a photo op with Perry, she succeeded in getting her name mentioned by the media once again. And then she left. So both women got what they wanted.

You can see a couple of photos of Lindsay Lohan acting crazy in her “bag lady” outfit by clicking here.

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