Disgusting Sarah Silverman Tweets Before and After ‘Abortion’ Photos

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Sarah Silverman isn’t known for being the most reserved and feminine comedian, but even for Silverman, her newest stunt went way too far. A shock and insult comedian, Silverman is a hardcore liberal who has had commercial success with The Sarah Silverman Show on Comedy Central and other programs. In January 2008, she appeared on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share a video she had made for Kimmel called ‘I’m f*^&$#g Matt Damon‘. The video, certainly one of the funniest video skits of all time, showed Sarah and movie actor Matt Damon singing a duet about an ‘affair’ the were having. The video went viral and was a huge hit on YouTube. Kimmel went on to make a similar video with Damon’s best friend, Ben Affleck called ‘I’m f*^&$#g Ben Affleck‘. Silverman went on to win an Emmy for the video.

Silverman has always made jokes right on the edge of acceptability. She jokes about races, politics, religion…nothing is off limits. Even people used to crass comedy can have a difficult time sitting through a Silverman set. On her Twitter account, she talks a lot about politics. She was a big Obama supporter while he was running for president and supports liberal policies such as abortion. As controversial as she can be, she still managed to shock the hell out of fellow tweeters on Friday when she tweeted@SarahKSilvermann ‘Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.‘” along with this picture of her sticking her stomach out, to appear pregnant, for the ‘before’ photo, and sucking it in for the ‘after’ shot.

Abortion is a serious topic that needs to be addressed, however, making light of such a difficult and troubling topic is way out of bounds. The World Health Organization estimates that between 40 to 50 million abortions are performed each year worldwide. The numbers are sobering. Many women suffer from some degree of post-abortion trauma or depression along with life-long regret. If Sarah Silverman wants to fight for abortion rights, she should do so in a more respectful way. For women who are suffering, the photos aren’t funny, they’re a painful reminder.

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