Disney’s Pop Century Resort

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We stayed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort during our early-January Trip to Walt Disney World.  It was a cute place with lots to see, and we had a decent stay (except for the night where the alarm clock next door went off at 2:30 in the morning, and no one was in there to turn it off!!).  We got a super great deal for going during January, but I’m not sure that I would ever pay full price for that hotel again.  Also, the room was fine for my husband and I, but I think if we had children, we would definitely need a bigger room.

Disney was very accommodating and put our room right next to my parents’ and brother’s.

One huge perk about staying on the Disney property in a Disney hotel is not having to pay for parking.  We drove to Disney, and my parents flew, so we drove everywhere and parked for free.  My parents and brother rode the bus from the airport and back though, and they said it was just fine.  Another nice thing about staying on Disney is if you buy anything at any of the parks, they deliver it right to the hotel for you so you don’t have to carry it around.

One more thing I have to add:  JoAnn C. gave me a handy little tip about the resort before we went, and I thought it would be great to share with everyone.  Buy the re-usable drink mug at the resort!  You get free refills the entire time you are there, so it pays for itself quickly (plus then you get to take it home).  We bought instant oatmeal and disposable bowls and used the mugs for hot water from the cafeteria too and saved some money on breakfast every morning.  Thanks for the tip JoAnn C!

Here are some pictures from the resort: (Check out JoAnn’s post for some more that I didn’t capture)

Driving into Walt Disney World:



We stayed in the ’80s.  When we arrived and checked in, my husband said, “Oh great, my LEAST favorite decade.”  LOL.


Giant Rubix Cube:


View from inside the Rubix Cube:


The view from right outside our rooms:


My dad and me with The Potato Head’s:


It didn’t open….I tried:




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