Disturbing Photo of a Child Modeling Bathing Suit at Kohls.com

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This bathing suit can be bought at Kohls.com, in girls sizes 7-16.  Cute suit, but I find the model’s body disturbing.  This girl is built–this doesn’t come by just playing sports or being involved in outdoor activities.  To get this type of look, someone has so spend a serious amount of time lifting weights and doing a lot of sit-ups. Daily.  Obsessive fitness.  Granted, I am all for exercise and fitness, but this seems extreme to me for a child, who by all appearances, looks to be younger than 13.  She has the look of a body builder.  Who is this girl’s mother and why isn’t this girl playing and having fun?
Are you as disturbed about this as I am?  I plan to call Kohl’s and let them know I don’t like this look for a child.

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