Divine ~ Luc Bat Poetry ~ Mindful Poetry Contest 2011

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so much of her I love

so much I’m proud of, I see

staring back at me

no deeper, truer could be that gaze -

in many different ways

her soul against me lays, and fills

my heart with seething chills

with waves of heat; such thrills I’ve known -

urges sweet I can’t disown

too large within me grown this heart

I fear ‘twill burst apart

never, ever, a la carte, but all

of her my love enthralls

whatever might befall -no fear

have I when she is near –

her whis-purr-ings I hear aloud

but hardly so allowed

my heart to hers avowed -deny

her nothing, could I try

If I could, why would I? for she

is rich, red blood to me

coursing through me easily- she brings

her love without the strings

such harmony she brings to me

we listen so expectantly

from here until eternity recline

sublime – refined – aligned

her soul and mine, divine are we


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The easy description is:Six foot four20-21 stone *280 lbs+*Silver blond hairWhite goateebald on top, full on the sidesI’m large... fast on my feetand built like a brick shithousebut, with a heart as soft as warmc

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