Divorce Between Paul and Adrienne Maloof Rocked by Domestic Violence Claims

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When it was first reported that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Paul and Adrienne Maloof were separating, it came as a shock to many viewers of the show. Sure they bickered a lot but there was certainly nothing broadcasted that showed they would soon separate and then file for divorce. Even more shocking are the domestic violence claims now being alleged by both sides.

Now in court fighting over custody of their three sons, lawyers for Paul Nassif are claiming that the Housewife was verbally abusive, calling him “stupid, dumb and an idiot” in front of their kids, during their marriage. Worse yet, she was physically violent, even hitting and scratching him in the back of their car last summer, an incident that was witnessed by their head of security.

Her side is claiming that anything she did was simply self-protection. “All Adrienne has ever done is protect herself and Paul has been aggressive and violent numerous times. He is 7 inches taller and weighs 100 pounds more,” a source close to her said.

Who knew that Adrienne Maloof, who seemed to be the most grounded and intelligent of all the Housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, would be involved in such a sordid legal battle? Hopefully, they amicably resolve things soon, if only for their children.

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