DJ Pauly D Doesn’t Want a Hairstyle Makeover

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DJ Pauly D of “Jersey Shore” is not interested in a makeover. The spiky-haired reality TV star is willing to do a lot of things, but changing up his spiky-haired look is not one of them.

Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, spoke with celebrity site Too Fab about his trademark hairstyle seen below.

DelVecchio told them, “I like [it], I think it’s me, everybody knows me from [my hairstyle]. I’ve never changed it… I want to keep it.”

It’s not shocking that Pauly D would want to keep his hair like it is. After all, he thinks it is working for him, so why “fix it”? Unfortunately, the rest of the world can see that his hair is stuck in a different decade.

Of course, it could be worse. DJ Pauly D could have a mullet. That would be tragic.

What do you think about DJ Pauly D and his stubbornness about his hairstyle? Do you think he would look better with a different style? Or, do you like his hair the way it is?


Photo source: Yfrog

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