Do House Republicans Know What ‘Unity’ Means?

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House Republicans are crying for unity in Congress. This is surprising given the fact that Congress refused to work with Democrats for the last six months of 2011. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are like oil and water. It is a new year and perhaps the GOP has a New Year’s resolution in mind. A unified body does not highlight its differences and that should not be the goal of a unified Congress.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rep. Lee Terry, a Republican from Nebraska, is quoted as chanting the word “unity” following a three-day Republican retreat. The article goes on to say:

Looking ahead to a new year, Republicans said their strategy is to highlight stark differences with Democrats on job creation, deficit spending and how Obama runs the government.

That doesn’t sound like “unity.” That sounds a lot like the same old Congress from 2011—the “do nothing” Congress of 2011.

How does Congress go about unifying lawmakers and highlighting differences at the same time? Impossible. Looks like another year of high unemployment and rising debt because Congress doesn’t want to be adult and do their job. They’d rather highlight their difference of opinions with Democrats and act like babies.

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