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       I use Net10 phone service as my phone.  I had a man stalking me, texting me and calling me.  I contacted the Columbus Ohio police department to try to file a complaint against this man, the police told me to contact my phone service and find out the name of the man who was calling and texting me so that I could file charges against him.  I contacted Net10 phone service and told them what was happening and that I needed them to find out the name of the person who was calling and texting me so that I could file a complaint against him for my protection!  THEY REFUSED TO FIND OUT THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO WAS HARASSING ME!!!  They knowly left me setting here in danger and REFUSED TO HELP!!!!   This man is still harassing me because Net10 refused to do what they are supposed to do  for people who use their phones.  Now Net10 has blocked texting, deleted all of my voice mails without my permission, I guess they have also blocked voice mail, and I am not recieving any phone calls so I guess they have blocked any calls that are coming in!!  All because I wanted them to find out he name of my harasser!  So all I seem able to do with my phone now is call out and they will probably block that soon!!  DO NOT buy their phones it could place you in great danger if someone is stalking and harassing you, and you need to know their name to file charges against them, it could even place your life in great danger!!!     

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