Do Photos of Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra Prove Plastic Surgery?

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It’s no great secret that lots of celebrities resort to plastic surgery to improve or maintain their youthful appearance. But not every celeb is willing to fess up to the deed. A few new pictures of Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai may now make it impossible for the pair to deny having had a bit of work done.

Priyanka is a well-known plastic surgery junkie, even if she refuses to admit to it. Her face these days looks nothing like it did during her early days in the industry. Lip injections are just part of the problem. She’s certainly had her nose done as well.

But what about Aishwarya? She’s gifted with natural beauty, that’s for sure, but has she enhanced that beauty with the help of a doctor? pageant and modeling pictures are from ten or fifteen years ago, but they’re a stark contrast to her appearance this year. And it’s not just her weight gain (which she’s making great headway on). She looks like she’s had cheek implants put in sometime between the time the photos were taken and this year. Her lips are also quite different these days.

So is it plastic surgery or just the result of aging naturally (with the help of having gained a bit of weight in the face)? Unless Aishwarya (who may be returning to the screen in a new Mani Ratnam film next year) admits to plastic surgery then it will remain speculation. Fans can’t help but be curious, though, about what their favorite stars might look like had they never had any work done!

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