Do Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have an Everlasting Love?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart very well may have an everlasting love, you know, if they are even a couple. Since KStew is visiting RPattz in Toronto, fans are right back on the Twilight love train, believing that these two are in love. The reality is that they could be good friends – or hook up buddies (gasp!).

Hollywood Life belieEdward Bellaves that Rob and Kristen are the real deal and has them “together forever.” At just 25 and 21 respectively, do you think that they will grow old together? “With similar stances on fame, art and life, [the pair] will be an item for the long haul,” suggests the website.

It’s hard to know if these two were meant to be, but if you believe that they are a couple, it’s probably hard for you to envision either of them dating anyone else. For some reason, their Twilight pairing really stuck, and whether it’s Edward and Bella or Rob and Kristen, fans cannot get enough. Do you think that they will be together forever?

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