Do the Words ‘Aunt Casey Anthony’ Make You Shudder?

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Some poor kid is going to have Casey Anthony for an aunt, because her brother and wife are expecting their first child. But hey, her family stands by her innocence, right? So brother Lee and his wife should have no problem hiring Tot Mom as a babysitter whenever they need some time off, right?

The news came from an announcement made by the mother of Lee’s wife, announced that the two will be having a son. That’s great news, indeed. There’s no word yet on whether or not Aunt Casey has congratulated her brother — who she once accused of molesting her during her trial. He’s even been accused of fathering little Caylee, who vanished for several months only to be found dead in a swamp area in 2008.

Regardless of whatever Ms. Anthony did or did not do, Lee and his wife should indeed be congratulated on this pregnancy, and hopefully they can maintain such a joyous family life out of the shadows of his sister’s notoriety.

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