Do we live in a Democracy or a Republic?

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Do we live in a Democracy or a Republic?

By Benjamin Todd


This is a question that you could fool most Americans with. We hear every day about Democracy this and Democracy that. We almost never hear the word Republic.  The first thing we need to do is to find the differences between the two. I will start with Democracy.


Democracy is a form of Government where officials are elected and allowed to make decisions with out any safeguards. As an example I will use Australia. Australia is a Democracy. People are elected to office by the majority. They have complete control. Australia has no bill of rights. I have heard about the Australian Government censoring free speech. The have the legal authority to do this. In the end a Democracy is no better then a dictatorship. It amounts to mob rule.


A Republic is a country that elects Representatives to run the Government. There will be a constitution and a bill of rights that will protect rights even if they are unpopular at the time. It also helps to protect minorities. This is the form of Government we have in the United States. People tend to forget this because our Government thinks that can bend and in many cases disregard the Constitution.


I have had a few people ask me “What does that mean “when Ron Paul says we need to restore the Republic. What he means is a return to Constitutional law. Restoring the Republic means a return to following the constitution.

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A libertarian activist. I have run for state house twice and got 8% and 29%. I am very active with the Vermont Libertarian Party and the Steve Kubby for President campaign.

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