Do you believe in spanking?

What constitutes a spanking? What bothers me is that people get to call themselves parents and issue spankings because they are mad.  No child should ever be hit in anger.   I have never believed in spanking although I know a few kids who could use one.  When my children were little, and they’d do something naughty, I’d talk to them and they didn’t do it again.  Oh, they’d do something else, but they didn’t do the same thing again.  I think my kids were different than most, though.  So I don’t think it’s wrong to spank as if to say no no on the tush without anger.

Then, I got my adopted daughter.  Now, she had been beaten.  So spanking was out of the question, especially when she was a foster child.  Then, one day, she set a lamp on fire by holding the light bulb to a lampshade.  Now, I thought this child needs a spanking, but if I did I might lose her.  So I called the judge. 

He told me not to spank her, but to put her on the phone.  I did.

He said, “You know your mommy can’t spank you, don’t you?”

She nodded her obnoxious naughty little head in satisfied agreement.

He said, “But I can and will.  If you’re mommy ever calls me again that you did something like that I’ll spank you so good you won’t forget.”

I was so happy, and she was so impressed.  But then came questions.

Will you spank me, Mommy?

I told her spankings from good mommies don’t hurt.  Oh but they do she wailed.

So I asked her if I could show her.  She nodded yes because she trusted me.

I gently patted her bottom.

“That didn’t hurt.”

I told her it’s not supposed to hurt.  It’s supposed to say”I don’t like what you did, but I love you.”

She never feared spanking after that, not has she received one.  She is, however, to this day, in deep respect for the judge on the phone.


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I am the mother of 3 grown children. I adopted my fourth. Then God gave me 7 grandchildren. I thought how wonderful can life be. Then, my youngest married daughter said, "Mom I'm pregnant. How wonderful is this? Grandbaby #8 turned out to be grandbabies

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