Do you check over your bank statements?

If you don't you're probably losing money.  Not a month goes by that I don't find a mistake.  Somebody charges me for a service I didn't get.  I ordered something but never received it.  Last month, my husband asked me what I bought on Ebay for $485. and paid for through Paypal.  I didn't.  Someone opened an Ebay account through my Bank America and paid for it with my new Paypal Account that I never opened. 

Charge cards are the same way.  I rarely use them.  So it helps, but the little charges appear, and they are often charges that the bank put on that you were unaware of.  For example, I was charged for disabilty insurance.  I had receive 90 days free, and then the bank started charging me for it.  But I never signed up for it. 

I could go on, but suffice it to say, check your statements.  Sometimes, I do so with dread, but don't let fright keep you from your money.  It will pay you back many times.  In fact, my bank compliments me on my diligence.

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