Do You Know Someone Who Cannot Afford Glasses?

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Many Americans do not have health, dental or even vision insurance.  It is a fact of life for many more Americans than we realize. When the statistics give the number of families or children without healthcare, do you think they include the homeless? I doubt they do.  I also know that there are many more in our county alone than they say there are who do cannot afford insurance. It is difficult to live with a family these days.

According to New Eyes For The Needy:

Unfortunately, millions of poor people in the United States struggle with vision problems. Countless families do not have health insurance. Other families are covered by public or private insurance plans that have eliminated or reduced eye care coverage in an effort to cut costs.

Uncorrected vision problems can seriously affect a person’s life.

  • For children, not having glasses can lead to failure in the classroom, developmental delays, learning disabilities, social maladjustment, and even juvenile delinquency.

  • For adults, improper eyewear can mean the difference between employment and unemployment.
  • For seniors, poor vision can limit their ability to read medicine labels, turn on the stove, and perform other tasks required to lead an independent life.

New Eyes for the Needy purchases eyeglasses for needy residents of the U.S.. We help when no one else can.


Please pass this information on to others who can use it. We all deserve to be able to see even if we dont have insurance

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