Doctor Attacked for Not Forcing Child Rape Victim to Give Birth

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Doctor Ann Neuhaus is under intense scrutiny and unfair treatment all because she didn’t force a 10-year-old child to carry the product of incestuous rape. Leave it to the so-called pro-lifers in Kansas to be absolutely insane when it comes to their not-so-moral ideology. This is a pretty confusing case, but one thing is for certain—this woman is in trouble all because she took the proper stance when it came to caring for the victim of sexual abuse.

Apparently right wing ideology totally condones the forced pregnancy of not just women all over the country, but even children. No child should be forced to go through what the girl in this story went through, but idiots in Kansas wanted to one up the girl’s uncle apparently and abuse her even further by forcing her into birthing her own first cousin. Doctor Neuhaus allowed for the child to get a medically necessary abortion. There are other allegations being thrown at the former assistant of slain abortionist George Tiller, but Kansas anti-choice types are really calling the abortion of a 10-year old (and other children) unnecessary. Neuhaus’s response to this:

“To even claim that isn’t medically necessary qualifies as gross incompetence. Someone’s 10 years old, and they were raped by their uncle and they understand that they’ve got a baby growing in their stomach and they don’t want that. You’re going to send this girl for a brain scan and some blood work and put her in a hospital?”

Apparently the state morons think it’s more necessary to put the child through weeks of brain checks and psychiatric care to see if the abortion was “necessary”—but it’s pretty obvious this is just a ploy to make the kid wait until it’s too late to abort. Who the hell do they think they’re fooling?

What do you expect from the home of the Westboro Baptist church, right?

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