Doctor Murdered in His Own Office by 70-Year-Old

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A doctor in Newport Beach, CA, died after being shot multiple times in an examination room of his office, Monday. According to witnesses, the victim was a urologist, but his name has not yet been given. The 70-year-old suspect was found in the same room, and taken into custody. Neither the reason behind the shooting nor the relationship between the suspect and the physician is clear yet.

As reported by Yahoo News, Becky Calderwell, who apparently works just two doors down from the office where the shooting took place, says that the suspect was a patient.

It must have been a terrifying experience for anyone within earshot. However, the experience was, undoubtedly, particularly traumatic for Calderwell since she was so close to the scene.

“I sit right at the front desk, I would have caught the first bullet,” Calderwell told The Los Angeles Times.

According to Fox News, police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe said that it appears to be an isolated incident.

With the news of so many shootings as of late, there is a danger that the public will become desensitized to these crimes. Hopefully, these incidents will motivate people to find out what is behind this rash of violence and find effective solutions.

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