Doctor of Octomom Sued for Skipping out on Rent

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The doctor of Octomom is being sued for abandoning his medical office. Dr. Michael Kamrava is the doctor who impregnated Nadya Suleman with eight embryos giving her a total of fourteen children. Now, the owner of his Beverly Hills office is suing him because Kamrava “vacated and abandoned” his practice by stiffing the landlord for rent.

The doctor must be desperate, or so it appears. He has been criticized for helping Suleman carry eight babies into the world. Everyone wondered why this man lacked ethics and did such a thing. Now, he has shown another side of himself: he left his landlord to clean up his office as well as Octomom.

On March 15, 2011, he just took off without paying for the six years he had left on his lease. The rent was $6,231 per month until December 2017. He owes at least $894,192.65.

The California State Medical Board may still pull his medical license for his antics with Octomom, and now, the state of California has to deal with this new lawsuit. The doctor may be one of the most disliked men on the planet. He must have a conscience, but none has surfaced recently.

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