Doctor Tells Michelle Duggar No More Children

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Following the miscarriage of her 20th child, a doctor has said that Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids & Counting fame she shouldn’t be having any more children. The reality show mom went to a routine doctor’s appointment last week during the second trimester of her pregnancy. No heartbeat could be found, and it was determined that the baby she was carrying had died.

According to a report from FOXNews, Marcelle Pick is an MSN, OB/GYN, and is also the founder of the Women to Women Healthcare Clinic. She says it’s not at all unusual for a woman Michelle’s age to suffer a miscarriage.

“Once you get over the age of 40—even after 35, it’s common,” she said. “I’m not surprised that she had a miscarriage. I’m sad for her. She has the baby that was premature aMichelle Duggarnd now this baby, but it’s not unusual when we look at the statistics of women over 40.”

Pick explains that genetic abnormalities are typically the reason for women of Michelle Duggar’s age miscarrying.

“The chances for these genetic abnormalities skyrocket at her age because the eggs are essentially ‘older,'” she says. “Mom is also at higher risk during pregnancy of gestational diabetes because of her older age status, and this has risks for baby too.”

Michelle Duggar isn’t new to complications during her pregnancies either. Daughter Josie–now two years old, was born four months premature, and has suffered numerous health issues since birth.

Dr. Jennifer Landa is Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogic MD. She thinks the Duggars should put their childbearing days behind them.

“I would advise her to consider stop having children. In my opinion, she has a duty to the children she already has not to incur unnecessary risk that may occur with trying to have another child. She needs to be there for the kids she already has,” Landa added. “Additionally, her odds of having a baby with special needs are extraordinarily high and this may take away time and resources from the other children. I feel for her because miscarriages are never easy. There are lots of hopes and dreams that are born with each positive pregnancy test, but in my opinion, it is time for her to hang up the baby booties.”

Do you think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will heed the advice of these renown physicians, or will they continue to let ‘God decide’ how many children they should have? It seems that God’s message may be coming through loud and clear in this miscarriage as well as in Josie Duggar’s premature birth. Perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar need to start listening?

Not only is Michelle at risk of losing another baby or having another child born frighteningly premature, but her own health is at risk, too. The nineteen children they do have need their mother, and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar should be mindful of that fact, too.

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