‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Trailer: Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and Saying Goodbye

Doctor Who continues in the fall with its seventh season, and while it will begin with Amy and Rory as the Doctor’s companions, they’re only going to be in the first five episodes before a new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, joins the Doctor.

DW Season 7 Trailer

Photo Source: BBCIt is no secret that Amy and Rory’s days are numbered with the Doctor, but it’s still unclear just how they’re going to say goodbye. The newest trailer that has been released does seem to hint at what could be coming, at least for one of them. But since it is in the trailer, it seems likely there’s something else coming up.

The Doctor Who season 7 promo (below) shows that before it’s all said and done for Amy and Rory, they’re going to have quite a few crazy journeys. Rory’s “So, how much trouble are we in?” is just the beginning. Daleks play a heavy role in the trailer, from the Doctor, Amy, and Rory standing with them and surrounded by them, to the final clip that ends the promo. That’s the most concerning. Rory asks, “Who killed all the Daleks?” and the Doctor walks in, carrying Amy, and replies, “Who do you think?” Now that can’t be how they’re going to say goodbye to Amy and Rory, could it? Could Amy die and Rory decide to leave the crazy journeys behind, which leads to the Doctor finding a new companion? It seems more likely that Amy’s just unconscious here and there’s more to come before they say goodbye.

Also coming up in the new season are dinosaurs on a spaceship—and they’re just not running from them, they’re riding them too, and a western episode. Of course River Song will be back. Also returning are the weeping angels, and it looks like there’s a baby one. That’s even creepier! Finally, you have to wonder if the Doctor telling Amy they’ll get through it and not to be scared, with her saying she’s not, is foreshadowing something.

What do you think of the Doctor Who season 7 trailer?

Photo Source: BBC

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