Does anyone else just NOT care about the David Letterman thing?

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I rarely ever watch the news.  It never has anything that I am interested in it seems, and the latest “news” is no different.  Right now every time I walk through the living room or overhear the news my husband is watching (he’s a big news-watcher) the sole words I hear are “David Letterman” and “sex scandal”.  Seriously, does anyone else just NOT care who or what David Letterman does?  Personally I find it revolting that any woman could even look at him or hear his “humor” and be attracted to him, but then that’s just my personal opinion and tastes.  Besides that I just don’t care about the story.  I feel like just last week the big “news” was Mark Sandford (South Carolina governor) and his “sex scandal”.  Now comes along the David Letterman sex scandal.  Who will be next?  Is it me or is the media sex-obsessed?  Surely they can come up with some actual news that makes sense and has meaning?  Are we really reduced to having to hear about a celebrity’s sex life on the NEWS?  Isn’t that what those magazines at the check-out in grocery stores are for?  Are things in life really so pathetic that people eat “news” like that up? 

Well, let me be the first to put my foot down and say that I just don’t care about David Letterman (or anyone else) and their sex life (or lack thereof).  I’m already sick of hearing about it.  Please!  Give me REAL news!

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