Does Anyone Know About Putting In A Port For Chemo?

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My sister has been having chemo for over two years and it was always given to her intravenously. It hasn't been working for her so they are going to try two other kinds of chemo to see if the cancer can be held at bay for a little while longer.

One chemo has to be given to her in a pump during the course of 48 hours so she has to have a port put in.

After two weeks of talking to the surgeon and contacting her health insurance company and scheduling it at the hospital that accepts the insurance. My sister is finally going to have the port put in this coming Monday morning. It's scheduled for 11:00 AM and I have to get her to the hospital two hours early.

The surgeon says that the procedure is no big deal. In fact we've heard this from many doctors but we're both a little afraid anyway.

Does anyone have a port? Can you tell me how long it took to put in and if it was very painful.

Any kind of information will really help us out. I dread Monday but she needs the port for this chemo.

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