Does ‘Bachelor’ Villain Courtney Robertson Have Secret Sex Tape?

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The Bachelor‘s Courtney Robertson obviously doesn’t mind getting naked on camera — after all, she convinced Ben Flajnik to go skinny-dipping in the ocean, and she didn’t wear her bikini under a see-through tribal outfit in Panama. So it should come as no surprise that she has a sex tape, as well.

“It’s pretty dirty,” an “insider” tells Us Weekly (via of the sex tape Courtney made with her ex, Cavan Clark. “There are photos, too. But it isn’t Cavan’s style to release them.”

It might not be Cavan’s style to release them, but it’s probably Courtney’s — she’s obviously just on The Bachelor to get famous, and if Kim Kardashian was able to get famous from a sex tape she released herself, Courtney probably wouldn’t hesitate to follow suit.

But apparently there is something Courtney wants to keep under wraps; she’s “worried about her ex exposing secrets about her,” “another source” tells the mag. What exactly would Courtney consider “compromising secrets” that she doesn’t want to be exposed? The public already knows she’s a narcissistic, manipulative beeyotch who treats others like dirt, who dumped her boyfriend to go on The Bachelor (“He was planning to propose to her with a 3-carat Tiffany ring that she picked out,” a source says of Cavan) and whose parents don’t think Ben is good enough for her. Oh, and she’s also a gold-digger.

“She’s like monkey,” Us Weekly‘s source says. “She won’t let go of one branch until she grabs hold of another — and she’s always looking for a better branch. She wants to snag a rich dude.”

And she also uses cheesy lines.

“She knows exactly what to say to guys,” the source tells the mag. “Her best line is before having sex with a man. She’ll ask him, ‘Are you ready for your date with destiny?'”

OMG! Seriously? Hopefully, after hearing a line like that, a guy would be too busy laughing hysterically to, uh, seal the deal. Maybe Courtney using seventh-grade pickup lines is the “compromising secret” she doesn’t want exposed. Or maybe it’s that she has some kind of neurological condition, which is why she twitches her lips constantly. Either way, since — spoiler alert! — she and Ben will never make it to the altar, hopefully once the season’s over she’ll fade into obscurity like past Bachelor contestants and no one has to hear her say “Winning!” ever again.

What do you think? Will Courtney Robertson’s sex tape surface? Will she and Ben Flajnik ever get married? Sound off in the comments!

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