Does Charlie Sheen have hypomania?

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Charlie Sheen may be suffering from a disorder called “hypomania.” Celebrity Rehab doctor, Dr. Drew is pretty convinced that Sheen is suffering from this disorder, which is common after drug use.DrDrew1SecondFilm

During an interview with Billy Bush on Wednesday night’s Access Hollywood, Dr. Drew talked about hypomania and sounded pretty convinced that Sheen was showcasing many (if not all) of the symptoms. Said symptoms include elevated mood, increased activity, decreased need for sleep, grandiosity, and racing thoughts, to name a few.

Dr. Drew also said that once the hypomanical “high” is over, many people revert back to drugs and it’s an ugly cycle. Almost everyone is in agreement that something is wrong with Charlie Sheen, mentally. It’s gone too far to be an act and it is not getting any better.

At this point, Sheen’s parents are going to need to get involved and get him some help. Things are not going to get better, and while it may be entertaining to watch, it’s very serious.

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