Does Facebook Need Its Own Web Browser?

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Facebook is still ahead of Google Plus in the battle of social networks although the latter is quickly gaining steam with the coinciding G-branded products. There is now speculation that FB may lose its social networking crown unless it has a web browser to work together with.

Ben Parr of CNET noted how Chrome does almost as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer in terms of usage. Parr prophesied that once Chrome starts actively functioning G+ (and every other Google product), it would not only beat the IE browser but give the big G a huge advantage of overtaking FB as one of the leaders in social networking.

Facebook has a lot to worry about. It may have more users than G+ but there is no FB reader, no FB search engine, a hardly accessible FB e-mail, and no FB browser. Google has a lot of great products and it really wants them to work seamlessly with one another. Once that happens, the need to use FB will greatly diminish.

Google Plus recently changed its interface to something more appealing in hope to attract more users. Once it perfectly coincides with Chrome and its sibling products, it could be enough to overtake the social networking world and leave Facebook in the dust, unless FB launches a browser.


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