Does Fascism Run In the Bush Family? Apparently So (many new links and old ones fixed)

   I put up an article about the Bush family legacy this morning, only to find the link to it has gone down, and several other links to the same audio tape from BBC Radio have similarly disappeared from the web, at the same time. As a matter of fact the whole website the first link connected to is down, entirely. When the right information, on the wrong subject, gets the wrong attention on the web, it often goes missing, I’ve noticed. Anyway, though, I have found the original link to BBC Radio, and a series of links that explore the covered information and will list them at the bottom of this article for your perusal.

   What they cover is the remarkable fact that George W. Bush isn’t the first fascist in the family, he shares that distinction with his honorable Grandfather, Prescott Bush. In point of fact Prescott was a conspirator in a plot to overthrow the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Government, along with many of the other elite of his time. Their plan was to install a fascist Hitler style government with the figurehead of Smedley Butler, a famous 2 time medal of honor winner and general of the Marine Corps at the helm. What they hadn’t counted on was his disgust with their kind, and his playing of them till he could split the whole affair wide open in a congressional investigation. Why haven’t you heard of this bit of WII  history? Well, because the people with the money all denied their involvement, of course, and rallied all the political muscle they could purchase to bury it, and of course, our country needed the industrial might of many of the plotters to go uninterrupted during the war years, as well, so the investigation died with a whimper, but it did issue a report to congress that has been unearthed to testify to their conclusion the plot was real. In any case, this story has been one of the most under reported stories of WWII.  


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