Does ‘Finding Bigfoot’ Mean Killing a Sasquatch?

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Season 2 of Finding Bigfoot is much the same as season 1. So far, despite Matt Moneymaker declaring definitively there is such a creature as Sasquatch, there is still no tangible evidence. What’s it gonna take? A dead body?

Time poses that very question and makes a compelling point. It seems the only way Finding Bigfoot will finally go away is if the team actually comes across a “squatch” and hauls its carcass back to base camp.

Each week there’s a lot of high-tech hullaballo and plenty of running around the forest in search of the elusive cryptid. All the while Moneymaker (is that really his name?) keeps chanting “Sasquatches are real! Sasquatches are real!” and pursuing his quarry like a true believer in TV ratings.

But repeating something over and over doesn’t make it true.

But what if Moneymaker and his band of quasi-skeptics actually come across a Bigfoot? The only way the world will believe is if they bring one back alive. Highly unlikely, given its fearsome reputation and legendary cloaking skills. To date, not one skeleton has ever been found.

Last year, the Chupacabra debate was pretty much deflated when some remains were found that had the cryptozoological community salivating and hooting with triumph. Until it was discovered the animals were just wild dogs suffering from severe mange. Case closed.

Perhaps it’s just that kind of evidence which will finally put the Bigfoot mystery to rest. But it’s not very likely. After all, even dinosaurs and wooly mammoths left their bones behind, proving they were real.

But, unlike Sasquatch and Matt Moneymaker himself, they weren’t cunning primates with an agenda…

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