Does Harry Styles Have Nude Photos of Caroline Flack? She’s Worried About Pics Leaking

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Harry Styles recently made headlines for a rumored relationship with married DJ Lucy Horobin, but she’s not the only older woman facing rumors concerning a fling with the One Direction singer – Harry’s ex Caroline Flack is reportedly worried about some of her personal photos being leaked.

There’s no word on if the photos in question are nude snaps, but there’s obviously something about them that Caroline doesn’t the world to see. So it is very possible that she and Harry did a little sexting or took some intimate pictures together. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time celebrities have done such a thing – Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and Snooki are just a few of the many stars with leaked nude photos.

According to the Mirror, Caroline Flack was overheard saying this about the pics at Radio 1 Hackney Weekend:

“There are pictures of me and Harry Styles when we were together. I hope they don’t get shown about.”

Of course it’s always possible that there’s no truth to this story since she was just overheard saying this.

But if it is true, then who does Caroline Flack think will share the photos? Does Harry have them in his possession, or is she afraid that a hacker might get a hold of them? They could have also been taken by a friend, but if that’s the case, then they can’t be that terrible — even if Harry is in his underwear, it’s not like it’s something that Directioners haven’t seen before. However, if they aren’t revealing or raunchy, Caroline might not want them leaked anyway because she’s tired of all of the stories about her relationship with Harry — people would definitely make a big deal out of any scandalous snaps of the 32-year-old with a 17-year-old Harry.

They might not be something that Harry Styles wants the world to see, either, and hopefully he hasn’t made a habit of taking naughty photos with his romantic conquests – things would be even worse if photos of Harry and married DJ Lucy Horobin surfaced.

So do you think that the One Direction singer will soon be facing a photo scandal, or is this just another of the many tall tales about Hazza?

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