Does Jay-Z have kids? 2010 Grammy buzz

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At one point during the 2010 Grammy awards, Beyonce Knowles left her seat next to hubby Jay-Z in the crowd to go up and accept one of Beyonce’s six Grammy awards.  While on stage making her gracious acceptance speech, the rap star Jay-Z was shown with a young boy sitting next to him in Beyonce’s seat.  During another part of the Grammy show, Jay-Z went up on stage with Rihanna to accept an award for their song “Run this Town”.  A small boy went up with them.  This of course has prompted plenty of Grammy buzz with people wondering, does Jay-Z have kids?

Jay-Z has never mentioned any kids during interviews he’s given over the years on TV, radio or in print.  It’s possible that the rapper fathered some children here or there that he’s managed to keep a secret, but it seems doubtful that a couple as famous as Jay & Beyonce would be able to keep it that secret from the attentive gossip world.  Most likely the child seen was a nephew or distant cousin related to Beyonce or someone in her family.  Although Jay-Z and Beyonce got married back in 2008, they’ve yet to report that Beyonce is expecting any children.

So does Jay-Z have kids that we don’t know about?  If Jay-Z does have kids, it would be news to his many fans, and fans of Beyonce.  It may even be news to Miss Knowles.  Jay-Z appears to be childless at the moment, at age 40.  Most likely once Beyonce begins to show signs of pregnancy, you’ll be reading about it immediately on internet gossip sites and in the tabloids.  For now, Jay-Z and Beyonce continue to concentrate on their music, relationship and various philanthropic and business ventures.

In the video below you can see the mysterious child in question, seen with Jay-Z during the Grammy Awards 2010….

Read below the video for an update on this story.


UPDATE - The mystery child seen during Jay-Z & Rihanna’s acceptance for their collaborative song “Run this Town” and in the audience next to Jay-Z when Beyonce went to the stage to accept her award, was in fact Jay-Z’s nephew.  Solange Knowles’ child is named Daniel Julez Smith, Jr, who is 5 years old as of early 2010.

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