Does Jennifer Aniston Fear Time Is Wasting to Marry Again?

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Although Jennifer Aniston is fabulous in her forties, it is true that it is getting late for starting a new family, a desire she has expressed on more than one occasion. Now, a source reveals she feels “insecure” in her relationship to Justin Theroux because she feels time is running out.

According to The Belfast Telegraph, Jennifer is chomping at the bit to tie the knot. Also, her recent trip to Paris with Justin Theroux exhibited an attempt to become more intimate and perhaps vault closer to marriage and children. An insider described it as a “make-or-break holiday.”

This same insider seems to know a lot about Jennifer Aniston’s inner feelings. “Jen is, unfortunately, feeling quite insecure in the relationship at the moment, so the next few weeks are crucial. She seems so nervous she can hardly breathe.” Does this mean that, if Justin Theroux doesn’t pop the question soon, Jennifer will break things off?

Jen and Justin don’t give a lot of interviews or speak about their relationship to the press, so it’s merely speculation as to how they feel. Mysterious insiders can’t necessarily be trusted. In the photos of their recent European trip, they seemed quite cozy, and Jennifer looked cool as a cucumber, not “nervous.”

Although fans may love to see a wedding for the pair soon, it’s Jennifer and Justin’s decision. If they’re happy with dating and living together, it’s frankly nobody else’s business whether they also sport wedding bands on their fingers.

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