Does Jennifer Aniston Hate Her Engagement Ring?

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Despite all the recent rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s relationship was on the rocks, the couple proved everyone wrong when he popped the question to Jen at his birthday dinner.

Normally, a newly engaged woman can’t wait to show off her new engagement bauble, but Jennifer is behaving very differently in her first appearance in public. Her ring is nowhere to be seen. Does she hate the engagement ring Justin picked out for her?

Jennifer returned to filming We’re the Millers today, and the photographs from paparazzi clearly show that her ring finger is bare. There is, however, a reason why she wouldn’t wear it on the set. Her character wouldn’t be wearing that ring.

No one knows what Jennifer Aniston thinks about Justin Theroux’s taste in jewelry except for Jen herself. Regardless of what she thinks of the ring, she was apparently happy with the proposal. After all, she accepted it. The ring isn’t the important thing. What’s important is that she and Justin do the best they can to spend a happy rest of their lives together.

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